What Is The Filid ?


We’re touring with a show/incarnational worship experience called “The Filid.”

Here’s an overview of what we do as well as an explanation of what “Filid” means (i know you were wondering).

we do an incarnational and creative exploration of ancient future faith.  using spoken word, sculpture, music from our community, and integrative liturgies, we want to investigate with people the riches held in our Christian past, as well the possible applications of those riches to us reaching, with God, for tomorrow.

the show has the sense of drawing people into different worship expressions, calling them to deeper thought, trying to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

“The Filid” is an old irish word which, when translated, comes out as a mix between poet, story teller (often through song), and prophet.  Celtic Christians would actually commission people as “Filid,” sending them out to tell stories, sing songs, and speak truth in creative ways to the people in the outlying towns and countrysides.  WIth their various expressions, they tried to help others see God, themselves, and their world in new ways.  This is what we are trying to do.