Tide Pool Booklets


The community which surrounds St. Stephen’s university is  a group constantly in flux.  With new students coming and graduating ones leaving, not to mention the numerous families which move here to live, there is a great amount of motion.  The Tide Pool Booklet Series is an attempt to communally ‘notice’ the pools of passion and conviction that have endured the receding tides of time.  The topics are not meant to be exhaustive but rather investigative, sparking further excitement, discussion, and imaginative action flowing from contemplation.

Tide Pool Booklet #1

our conception of travel is driven by the knowledge that God has called us to take our journeys as a community of learning, both for the steps themselves as well as for the fruit that will come from those steps.  This ‘call to pilgrimage’ makes all our cultural experiences, our refreshing fun times, and our integrated process of learning come together under this proclamation: when we travel, we are a pilgrim people, a community on the move.

– From A People On The Move by Joel Mason